Terms & Conditions

  • Create minimum 3 bookings in all hotels all destinations
  • Get a shopping voucher worth of IDR 100.000 (or SGD 10, MYR 30, PHP 400, THB 225, VND 170.000)
  • Valid only for MGF Member who has never book at mgholiday.com or at least has no booking since June 2018
  • If you create less than 3 bookings, you will get MGF regular points based on the hotels and 1 MGF point for hotels with no MGF point
  • The prize will be received on 15 April 2019
  • Valid for All Agents
  • Not valid for group bookings
  • Collect the room nights for all booking via mgholiday.com
  • Haven’t registered yet? Please register now at mgfriends.com

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